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Cargo shipWelcome to I.X.G.T. import and export services. You are probably already aware that international trade is very big business throughout the world – almost anything you may care to mention is traded across international borders. However, finding the right people to do business with is not easy, especially in a foreign land, and could prove costly if you make the wrong choices. Many businesses do not have the staffing capacity to deal with all the details of exporting their goods. However, they would probably be very keen to increase their sales and market scope by exporting their products effectively, if only they were capable of doing so. This is where we can help.

Air CargoIf you are considering exporting from, or to, the United Kingdom then we can greatly reduce your risk by finding legitimate, creditworthy buyers for your product(s), verifying price, shipping and insurance details, and also making secure payment arrangements. Also, we can research opportunities for your product(s) in countries additional to those you may already export to.

If you are considering importing goods from, or into, the United Kingdom we can save you time and hassle (and money!) by seeking out competent, reliable suppliers of the product(s) you are looking to buy, verifying prices, customs tariffs & quotas, shipping, insurance and payment details, as well as ensuring they can deliver the right merchandise in the quantity and quality you order – and on time!

So, wherever you happen to be located, to find out if we can help your business contact I.X.G.T. today.

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